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A Play Diary of Fire Emblem 7: Rekka no Ken

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Created on 2009-08-31 20:48:05 (#442364), last updated 2009-08-31 (421 weeks ago)

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Location:Elibe, United States of America
This is a journal for a Play Diary of Fire Emblem 7: Rekka no Ken.

Enter at your own risk. I am not responsible for burned eyes, nor for the urge to claw your squishy eyeballs from their sockets.

Interests (34):

being a n00b, being found unconscious, bulgar, caelin, dadblame bandits, dorcas, dragons, erk, fe7, fire emblem, fire emblem 7, hiding on the sidelines, kent, lady lyndis, lucius, lyndis, manual of knightly prowess, manual of tactical genius, natalie, nils, ninian, plains, rekka no ken, sacae, sain, saint elimine's rocking chair, serra, support conversations, tactical genius, tactical prowess, tactician, tactics, vulneraries, wallace
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